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The TMX (Tile Map XML) map format used by Tiled is a flexible way to describe a tile-based map. It can describe maps with any tile size, any amount of layers, any number of tilesets and it allows custom properties to be set on most elements. Besides tile layers, it can also contain groups of objects that can be placed freely.

Linking Map Tiles

Select Link from the bottom task bar under the Overlays menu.

  • Create a Tile name.
  • Input the Tile URL.
  • Set the rendering value of the Map Tile.
  • Select Add to Custom Maps button and reload the browser window.

The bottom field with the binoculars icon is a value that the user will set to provoke rendering to the best ability of the tile image.

Below is an example of a complete Linked Map Tile. Notice that as the user zooms closer the map regenerates the image to become clearer and adjusts text to remain readable.

Map rendering at 1000 ft
Map rendering at 300 ft
Map rendering at 50 ft

If the map zooms too close to render the map will display a message “Map data not yet available” over a grey background like below. User’s can edit the rendering of their image by selecting the edit tool from the bottom task bar and entering a new value in the rendering field.

Refresh the browser to see view the map adjustents.

Updated on February 8, 2022

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